Box Office Top 10 Countdown: December 10-12


10. Megamind $2.51 million

While Megamind had a strong opening, it did not have the staying power Dreamworks may have hoped for. If you take away the boost provided by sales from 3D showings, the movie probably would not have broken even. The film will probably see its best returns on DVD.


Due Date

9. Due Date $2.54 million

The adult comedy continues to play well, nearing the $100 million mark in ticket sales after six weeks of release.


Love and Other Drugs

8. Love and other Drugs $3 million

Bomb alert! The R-rated romantic comedy failed to catch on with audiences, and is sinking like a rock at the box office. After three weeks, the film has failed to make back its reported $30 million budget. The pairing of the Prince of Persia and the Disney Princess failed to conquer.



7. Burlesque $3.2 million

The Christina Aquilera musical extravaganza dropped nearly 50% from the previous week, but its drop from the #3 movie last week to #7 ties with Megamind for the biggest drop of the week. Worse yet, it is only in its third week, so it looks like the film doesn’t have the legs its studio (Screen Gems) was hoping for.


Black Swan

6. Black Swan $3.33 million

Darren Aronofsky’s ballet psych drama is the most buzzed-about film of the season. I can understand an Aronofsky film getting a lot of attention, but I find Natalie Portman to be a completely overrated actress. I haven’t found any of her performances particularly interesting since The Professional, even when she was getting Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Maybe Aronofsky can realize her potential.



5. Unstoppable $3.75 million

The pairing of Washington and Pine just keeps chugging along. It has yet to get blockbuster-level numbers, with only $75 million in the till after five weeks, but it continues to steadily attract audiences. Solid word of mouth and continual advertising – Fox is still running commercials – keeps the film on moviegoers’ minds.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I $8.5 million

Harry took a steep drop this week, thanks in part to the Tangled and Narnia competition. While the box office so far has been astounding, lost in the numbers is the fact that the film is actually under-performing when compared to other Potter films. Fewer people overall have seen Hallows after a month than other Potter movies did in their first month.



3. Tangled $14.55 million

It’s easy to see why Tangled is doing so well. It’s a great little movie, and I admit it’s even fun for adults as well. The Disney brand still means bank, so the film should continue to do well through the new year.


The Tourist

2. The Tourist $17 million

They may be the two hottest stars in Hollywood right now, but Depp and Jolie couldn’t generate much heat at the box office. It finished second almost by default, and lukewarm reviews may not help the movie in the weeks to come.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader $24.5 million

It wasn’t a big weekend for Narnia, bit it was good enough to finish #1. Critics were split on the film, but moviegoers liked The Dawn Treader and hailed it as a rebound from the dark and impersonal Prince Caspian. It will face some stiff competition in upcoming weeks from Tron Legacy and the cinematic scourge that is Yogi Bear. We will see if Dawn Treader will be the final voyage for the C.S. Lewis saga.


Source: Box Office Mojo