Box Office Top 10 February 11-13: Sandler beats the Bieber

The Green Hornet

10. The Green Hornet $3.7 million

As more new movies hit theaters, the action comedy The Green Hornet, that has been out for over a month, is being squeezed out as screens become scarce. Considering it was a January release, the total box office gross of over $90 million is respectable, but Seth Rogen’s attempt to become an action star didn’t have quite the sting he might have hoped for.


True Grit

9. True Grit $3.8 million

In the battle of 2010 Jeff Bridges films, Tron Legacy still leads True Grit in total receipts, but that may not be the case for long. The Coen Brothers western seems to have better staying power, and may surpass the sci-fi blockbuster soon. In the long run, the tale of Rooster Cogburn may end up being the more beloved film anyway.



8. Sanctum $5.7 million

The 3D spelunker adventure is sinking like a rock, dropping from #2 last week. While word of mouth for the film hasn’t been good, it seems odd that the film can’t even bring in viewers with its 3D.


No Strings Attached

7. No Strings Attached $5.8 million

The pairing of Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman resulted in a moderate hit ($60 million in a month of release). The “R” rating kept a lot of people away, and I think it’s safe to assume had they aimed for a PG-13 audience, they might have pulled in twice the gross they have so far.


The Kings Speech

6. The King’s Speech $7.2 million

The only problem I have with The King’s Speech being so successful is that it ultimately benefits the Weinstein Brothers, who distribute the film in the U.S. They are evil.


The Roommate

5. The Roommate $8.1 million

Last week’s #1 movie dropped 46% in ticket sales. Actresses you can see on TV for free + worn-out Single White Female storyline = what else is showing at theaters?


The Eagle

4. The Eagle $8.7 million

I could actually comment on this movie, but since Channing Tatum (my nemesis and the world’s worst actor) is in it, I refuse to.


Gnomeo and Juliet

3. Gnomeo and Juliet $25.4 million

Kids haven’t had a film catered to them open since Christmas, and haven’t had a GOOD movie come out since Narnia hit in early December. Since they dropped the downer ending from the Shakespeare original, little people went out in droves for this animated 3D romp. Personally, I would have paid to see gnomes kill themselves.


Justin Bieber Never Say Never

2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $29.5 million

Sorry to disagree with you Bieber, but I will NEVER NEVER NEVER watch your film. Go away now.


Just Go With It

1. Just Go With It $30.5 million

Let’s put aside the fact that, in the real world, Adam Sandler would never have a chance with either Jennifer Aniston or Brooklyn Decker. This movie is an unfunny disaster. Sandler hasn’t been funny in quite some time now, and even when he was funnier, he wasn’t THAT funny to begin with. Until he tries harder to be entertaining, audiences should make no effort to see his movies. Let’s hope this dog of a film dies quickly.


Source: Box Office Mojo