Box Office Top 10 January 14-17: Green Hornet Soars


10. Tangled $5.5 million

The latest Disney Princess was able to knock Nicholas Cage’s Season of the Witch out of the top ten. Thanks to the MLK holiday, a bunch of out-of-school kids went to see Tangled on Monday. Rapunzel and company has reeled in over $180 million in total ticket sales.


The Fighter

9. The Fighter $6.2 million

Christian Bale’s Golden Globe winning performance (and to a lesser extent, Melissa Leo’s supporting actress win) is sure to ignite interest in the film, especially with Oscar nominations coming down the pike. One more round for the boxing drama that has already topped $65 in revenue.


Tron Legacy

8. Tron Legacy $6.8 million

Tron has done pretty well over the holiday season, but with reports that the film cost $175 million to make and market, Disney has yet to break even. Mickey won’t starve, however; merchandising for the movie was strong even before it opened, and foreign box office has been good enough to make this a Legacy worth repeating. Given the fact that Disney is reportedly prepping a sequel already, it seems we already know that the House of Mouse is happy.


Yogi Bear

7. Yogi Bear $7.4 million

Yogi benefited from America’s kids being out of school, jumping up in the top ten from the week before. With better child fare out there right now, why do parents keep taking their kids to this? America, just say no to sub-par entertainment!


Little Fockers

6. Little Fockers $8.4 million

The word seems to have gotten out: Little Fockers stinks. It took in over $130 million in box office, but America has wised up. At the Golden Globes, even Robert DeNiro admitted before a national audience that the film is bad. That’s gonna hurt ticket sales.


Black Swan

5. Black Swan $10.4 million

Mentally disturbed ballerinas are hot right now, and Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe win makes her the front-runner for the Oscar. That all translates into some serious box office. $100 million in total ticket sales looks realistic at this point.


The Kings Speech

4. The King’s Speech $11.2 million

Strong word of mouth and the buzz created by the Golden Globes is causing more folks to discover this little gem. With the film adding more screens, it should continue to get the attention it deserves.


True Grit

3. True Grit $13.1 million

Arguably the best film of the year, and the best western since Unforgiven. Bridge’s gravel-mouthed portrayal of Rooster Cogburn is classic, and audiences are rewarding the Coen Brothers with their biggest hit ever.


The Dilemma

2. The Dilemma $21.1 million

I figured out what The Dilemma’s problem is. It’s too generic. It looks like every other paint-by-the-numbers romantic comedy, and there’s nothing to distinguish it. The trailer wasn’t funny, and Kevin James and Vince Vaughn don’t do anything remotely interesting in it. They’ve shown it a million times during the football playoffs, and I can’t remember anything about it, except someone’s cheating on someone else. Who cares? Given the soft numbers from its opening weekend, America obviously doesn’t.


The Green Hornet

1. The Green Hornet $40 million

First, we must all admit that this isn’t really The Green Hornet. It’s The Guy From Knocked Up Meets Kato. Once you accept that, than you can readily admit that the film is entertaining. Yes, it has some problems, and critics hated it, but it’s better than most of the summer garbage we’ve been subjected to. The Kato fight scenes are cool, and Rogen is funny playing himself, again. For the middle of January, that will have to do, moviegoers.


Source: Box Office Mojo