Box Office Top 10 January 21-23: “Strings” Pulls Out Win

Tron Legacy

10. Tron Legacy $3.6 million

It looks like the last call for Tron in the top ten, but it has been a heck of a light cycle ride. At a total haul of $160 million and counting, with nearly as much taken in overseas, Tron managed to defy the odds against reviving an 80s franchise. Let’s just hope it doesn’t encourage someone to do a BJ and the Bear movie. Then again…


Yogi Bear

9. Yogi Bear $3.8 million

Somebody needs to put this bear down. Yogi just won’t go away, showing up in the top ten way too often for a movie that isn’t quite that good.


The Fighter

8. The Fighter $4.2 million

Bolstered with Golden Globe wins from Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, The Fighter moved up a spot in the top ten. Strong critical acclaim and word of mouth keeps the film on the mind of moviegoers looking for a sure bet at the cinema.


Little Fockers

7. Little Fockers $4.3 million

I wonder if the widespread criticism for the third pairing of DeNiro and Stiller is enough to kill this franchise once and for all. A $100+ million gross would make an argument for another, but surely those involved have too much personal pride to do this again. Of course, this is Hollywood, and if DeNiro can do Rocky and Bullwinkle, he would probably do this again.


Black Swan

6. Black Swan $5.9 million

Black Swan continues to play well, thanks to Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe win. Even with another Portman movie in theaters, the subject matter is so different that both films are pulling in different audiences.


True Grit

5. True Grit $7.3 million

It doesn’t really matter that the Golden Globes largely overlooked True Grit. Foreign writers never appreciate westerns anyway. The Oscars should be kinder to this modern masterpiece, and it has proven to have real staying power.


The Kings Speech

4. The King’s Speech $7.9 million

Lifted by all the exposure from awards season (The Producer’s Guild just named it Best Picture), The King’s Speech is this year’s Cinderella movie, with nearly $60 million in ticket sales.


The Dilemma

3. The Dilemma $9.1 million

I find it amazing that Ron Howard, who directed Frost/Nixon and Apollo 13, is also responsible for this celluloid abomination. All the big acting names in the world can’t save you from a terrible script that tries way too hard. Lesson to be learned here: the lives of beautiful, shallow people are boring.


The Green Hornet

2. The Green Hornet $17.7 million

Sure, the critics have been less than kind, but apparently audiences really love Seth Rogen. The movie is fun and cool, but not classic cool. Either way, if you’re looking for something fun and entertaining to watch at the movies, is there really any other choice?


No Strings Attached

1. No Strings Attached $19.7 million

Most critics will tell you that No Strings Attached isn’t a very good film. Actually, the presence of Ashton Kutcher should have told everyone that. No matter: the poster itself probably sold most of its tickets anyway. Fanboys can’t resist Portman in a dress shirt – and nothing else.

Source: Box Office Mojo