Green Lantern: Blu-Ray Review

Green Lantern Extended Blu-ray

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All right, so I did the theatrical review for Green Lantern during the Summer, so I’ll skip the normal format we have for reviews and dive right on into this one.  On the whole, there isn’t much that I’ve changed my mind on concerning the story and film in general.

During our Best and Worst of Summer feature, Green Lantern earned the dubious title of my worst film this Summer, mostly because of how much missed potential the film had.  It could have been great, and had all of the necessary elements, but it bungled them completely.  So instead of getting greatness, we got mediocre.

At it’s best, it’s a popcorn flick that’s entertaining, but mindless and leaves you with little to think about or revisit.  Honestly, if you haven’t watched the film I say it’s worth watching at least once, because even mindless entertainment is still entertainment of some sort.  Just don’t expect a whole lot and you won’t be as heartbroken as I was.

Green Lantern

With that being said, let me talk a little about something, I’ve never really had to discuss before.  When it comes to blu-ray’s most people assume and understand that they’re getting the best quality picture you can.  I mean, that’s the whole point of high definition discs.  So whenever I review a blu-ray disc, it’s something I almost never have to bring up….but I have to now.

I don’t know what happened here, but Green Lantern has one of the worst transfers I’ve seen.  When I watched Lantern in theaters, one of the things I kept telling myself was that “these visuals are going to look awesome on blu-ray”.  While some people bitched about the VFX in the film, I for one felt they were fairly impressive and probably the best part of the movie (outside of Mark Strong’s performance).

Green Lantern Extended Blu-ray

Somehow, though, the blu-ray transfer has actually made the effects look worse.  Overall, the print is way too dark.  I eventually turned up the brightness on my television in order to make sure I could see everything.  And where most times blu-ray makes VFX look sharp and crisp, I actually discovered quite a few scenes were blurry and hazy.

For a movie that relied so heavily on visuals, and against all odds made most of them work, having the blu-ray transfer look this bad feels unforgivable.  So, for a second time, GL has really broken my heart and let me down.

Even the ‘extended version’, which gave fans hope that the film could be better, didn’t add a lot to the experience.  The very first scene is one of these clips and is made completely unnecessary by the flashback Hal Jordan has about 10 minutes later.  It’s plain to see as you watch these new scenes that there’s a good reason why things were cut.

Green Lantern Extended Blu-ray


Like I said, it’s a mindlessly entertaining movie that truly falls short of greatness, but it worth seeing at least once.  However, the blu-ray transfer somehow got a little bungled and the ‘extended’ footage doesn’t add a whole lot to the story.

Green Lantern on blu-ray gets a 4 out of 10