Kick Ass Review

At the risk of sounding like everyone else who blew up the internet this weekend I have to say that this movie is everything you’re hoping it will be. I don’t consider myself a fanboy and I don’t think I went into it with as much enthusiasm as the rest of the group but I walked out of the movie a genuine fan of Kick Ass creator Mark Millar. What they’ve done here is take a genre that has been done to death and breathe life, and an enormous amount of energy, back into it. I don’t know how true comic fanboys will react to the lack of history behind the character but that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying this exploration of every kids childhood dream.

The movie is about Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) a typical high school student just passing the time with his small group of comic loving friends who decides that he is tired of getting his ass kicked and wants to become a real life super-hero named Kick Ass. So he buys a wetsuit and goes for it. Yes it’s that simple.

The movie is completely over the top and I’ve had a hard time deciding if it’s a comedy with action film elements or vice-versa. Let’s put it this way: you’ll laugh your ass off and be dazzled by the extensively fine tuned fight sequences.  I’d say the scene that did it for me was a “fight sequence” toward the end of the movie that’s heightened with a strobe light effect. I was in awe of what I was seeing on the screen and would love to hear your thoughts after you see it. It doesn’t even matter what has been done before, these guys made it feel fresh and put it in the perfect context.

Nick Cage, Chloe Moretz, and Mclovin round out the cast with solid performances as Big Daddy, Hitgirl, and Redmist. I think I’m in agreement with most when I say that Chloe Moretz steals the show as a gun toting, ass kicking, murderous little superhero – and has unbelievably raw talent.

Going into it keep in mind that it may not stay completely true to the original comic and it does have a few basic elements that were introduced to keep the story fast, tight, and of interest to both studios and teens. Overall I’d give the entertainment value of the film a 10 but I should warn you that Kick Ass wasn’t made for the faint-hearted and nothing is sacred.  I imagine the films release will see a bit of news coverage about children and violence but as director Mathew Vaughn said himself, “if you’re going to form an opinion about the film at least watch it for yourself first.”

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