Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises


As much as I would love to put a synopsis for the movie here, I don’t want to spoil one single little plot point or moment of your personal experience viewing it. I’ll say this much and leave well enough alone. Batman battles Bane and it’s awesome! Catwoman is involved as well. That’s all the details you’re getting from me. 

Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, and David S. Goyer penned an emotional and complex final act. Just to give comic book geeks a little extra hint at what to expect, imagine the Batman story arcs Knightfall, No Man’s Land, and a slight sprinkle of Gates of Gotham all mashed together. Things get a little sluggish about 30 minutes in when the story is being developed, but I can’t complain. At least the writers care about a story. 

batman 2
One thing I can say about The Dark Knight Rises is it’s an emotional journey. I found myself excited and anxious at parts. Other scenes left me with a feeling of sorrow. It’s also an emotionally confusing film. Things I thought I wouldn’t be alright with going into the theater I ended up feeling good about walking out. The first appearance of Batman in the film is one of those scenes where you can barely contain yourself. You want to jump out of your seat yelling and clapping your hands. I was in a press screening and there were a few people clapping when he makes his grand entrance. 

Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Bane is spot on and frightening. He’s not just a crazed psychopath, but one with a mission and purpose. He’s Batman’s strongest adversary when it comes to strength. Bane’s not all brawn and no brains, either. It takes an intelligent mind to pull off the things he does. One thing I want to make perfectly clear is he’s in a completely different class than the Joker. There’s really no comparison between the two.

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Anne Hathaway does a great job with the character of Catwoman and Selina Kyle. She can turn the charm off and on like a faucet. One moment she’s an innocent bystander and the next she transforms herself into a skilled and arrogant jewel thief. 

The rest of the cast delivers in their individual parts. Gary Oldman returns as Commissioner Gordon and pours his heart and soul into the character the way he always has. Joseph Gordon Levitt is perfect as officer John Blake, who believes in Batman and stands behind Gordon in his call to keep the streets of Gotham clean. 

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The Dark Knight Rises is the movie Batman enthusiasts are hoping for going into it. There’s no possible way that any fan of the Caped Crusader will walk out of the theater without a smile on their face. A few cameo appearances by characters also add more fun to the movie. It serves as an excellent bookend to Christopher Nolan’s wildly popular trilogy.