The 10 Best movie trailer mash-ups


Iron Man/Avatar


This one just seemed to hit all of the right buttons.  The footage goes seamlessly with the soundtrack, and it truly looks like the sound effects were designed for actions on screen.  Over all it leaves me with the strange urge to watch both of these movies and see if there are any other connections that can be made with them.  My gut says no, but either way it’s a fun trailer.




Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring/Transformers: The Animated Movie


I have to say this is one that impressed me a great deal.  First it’s a brilliant bit of editing, but it’s also amazing because they took old school 2D animation, live action sword and sorcery and somehow put them together in a way that not only works, but is compelling.  Really, I felt like the old Transformers were really preparing themselves to do war with Sauron.  It’s a great demonstration of the power of editing.






I’ve noticed during my searches that for some reason, people are really compelled to use Pixar films in their mash-ups.  Seriously, most of the ones on this list use Pixar films, and there are so many more of them out there.  I’m not complaining, though, especially about this video.  It’s no secret that Watchmen is high on my list of favorite films, and I thought their trailers were incredible.  I have to say this WALL-E video is…haunting.  It makes the entire movie seem dark, brooding, and entirely different.  Plus the added custom text graphics really punctuates the video and sets it apart from the others.




Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix


By far this is my favorite mash-up to ever grace the Internet.  In fact, I’ve already done a post on this previously before.  However, just one look at this video and you’ll know why it deserves another mention.  The editing is simply stunning, and the way they’ve adjusted the footage to match the quick dialogue from Scott Pilgrim (without looking totally off and wonky) is what makes this so special.  Seriously, I’d love to see this full movie.




Toy Story 3: Inception


Oh Inception.  Just search for Inception on YouTube and you’ll find so many different mash-ups for it that it’s quite staggering.  However, I find this Toy Story 3 version to be the most entertaining.  The characters they chose to replace the Inception trailer somehow feel right, and you’d almost believe this is what Toy Story was originally intended for.




Wallace & Gromit Saw


When I first saw the headline for this one as I was scanning YouTube, I didn’t believe they could have made this one work.  I couldn’t imagine how they could have turned Wallace & Gromit into a horror film.  Guess I was wrong, because this trailer makes me afraid to watch the actual W&G movies anymore.  They picked the perfect scenes to go with the Saw trailer soundtrack to make this truly disturbing.




Talladega Cars


First of all, I consider Talladega Nights to be my guilty pleasure movie.  It’s probably one of the films I quote most, and I can’t stop laughing every time I see it.  I wouldn’t have pictured it before, but Cars goes perfectly with the Talladega trailer!  The scenes mesh so well together and the dialogue fits with all of the appropriate actions, especially the end where he’s “on fire”.




Monsters Rush Hour


I don’t know why, but I found this one to be incredibly clever.  I wouldn’t say the production value on it, as far as the quality of the footage and seamless integration goes, is as good as the others, but it has it’s own charm.  The editor picked the perfect characters to represent the actors from the trailer.  It’s just a fun mash-up of a couple fun movies.




Muppet Ocean’s Eleven


Are you kidding me?  That was awesome!  Never have the Muppets looked so bad-ass.  Seriously, I really want to see this movie now.  Not just a longer mash-up, but a full on Muppet version of Ocean’s Eleven.  If it’s anything like how this trailer turned out to be, it’d be funny and cool all at the same time.




A Social Bug’s Life


Lastly, something that’s a little more recent in that the editor is using the soundtrack from The Social Network trailer.  Of all the others I’ve mentioned this probably features the best lip-syncing/technical edits.  It’s hard to discern that those aren’t really the words they are saying.  Couple that with the scenes and expressions they picked and you’ve got a great example of fine editing, and a suddenly very serious Pixar movie.


Editing is a powerful tool.  You can take any footage, even from films that are well-known and loved, and change them to craft an entirely different story.  These trailer mash-ups are fun examples of that and a good way to kill some time on the Internet when you’re at work – I mean home.  Plus if you’re an editor or just getting started, trying some of these mash-ups yourself is a great way of practicing and keeping your skills sharp.


Got a great trailer mash-up we missed here?  Let us know and give a link or put them in our videos section!