TMP Reviews: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8

Coming off the slight downer that was Episode 7 of Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy, I am ecstatic to announce that Episode 8 gives fans everything they hoped for and more in the climactic conclusion of combatants Scorpion and Sub-Zero.  Couple all of this with one of the most surprising character reveals of the entire series, and I think Mortal Kombat fans will certainly be sated.

We pick up immediately where we left off, Hanzo Hasashi a.k.a. Scorpion and Bi-Han a.k.a. Sub-Zero throwing the first vicious blows of the epic confrontation that will ultimately decide both their fates.

As the two warriors vie for the destruction of one another, the unguarded Shirai Ryu village is besieged by the members of Sub-Zero’s clan, Hanzo’s wife and child now at the mercy of the ninja masters of ice.

The fight rages between the two and culminates with the brutal display of power and skill each fighter possesses.

But the tables quickly turn in favor of the yellow-clad ninja.

Desperate to return to his family, Hanzo rushes back to defend his village, leaving his enemy cold in the snow.

Unfortunately, he is far too late as only horrors await his return, despair clinging to the village rooftops like fresh winter ice.

In his moment of grief, as the reality of pain sets in, Bi-Han scores his final blow.  His treachery now complete, Sub-Zero offers a few parting words to the expiring ninja general, words that chill more deeply than his own incredible power over the cold.

Shang Tsung then appears to discuss with Bi-Han the apparent plan of bringing Hatori into the Mortal Kombat tournament as a “wild card”.

But not all is as it seems and not everyone has revealed themselves.

We suddenly see that Hanzo was deceived, as were we all, for it was not Bi-Han that orchestrated the deaths of the general’s family, but the infamously powerful sorcerer Quan Chi.

It would appear that the Deadly Alliance has already been formed.

With an enticing promise from Quan Chi, Hanzo fights his way back from the afterlife, breaks from his icy prison, and as the last remaining vestige of his humanity burns away, his eyes cloud over and he declares himself no longer the legendary General of the Shirai Ryu, but now the vengeful, hell-borne Scorpion.

Tancharoen successfully captures everything we expected in Episode 7 and though it was a shame to have to wait a full episode for the inevitable battle between these fan favorites, it was most certainly worth it.

I for one loved hearing Scorpion’s trademark declaration in Japanese, a smart move that brought a realistic freshness to the character.

From the brilliantly choreographed fight scene to the exceptional scoring to the surprise knockdown reveal at the end, Tancharoen shows his mastery of interpretation.

Even the extremely effective displays of Sub-Zero’s supernatural ice abilities are subtle, keeping with Tancharoen’s desire to maintain the gritty realism he originally intended.  I can honestly say that at no point did Warner Bros. need to step in and direct the flow of the series and I’m certainly glad they only did so with Episodes 4 and 5.

As the series blazes to its conclusion with only two episodes left, all that remains is to be seen is how the team behind Legacy will showcase the arrival of the cybernetic ninja combatants Cyrax and Sektor.  As audiences were delivered a brief glimpse of the technology that will be used to create the fighters in Episode 1, it’ll be nice to see the finished product on 6/7/11.