TMP’s Halloween Feature

Best movie vampires of all time


10 Best Movie Vampires of All Time

Kyra brought us this excellent list of the best vampires to have ever graced the silver screen.  Featuring both old and new, this list has a little bit for everybody, and even a couple surprises.


Abnormal Films to Get you in Halloween Spirit


6 Abnormal Films to Get You in the Halloween Spirit


Matthew provided another fun list, chronicling 6 films that can get you in that Halloween mood, even though they don’t seem to make the most sense.  These aren’t really horror films, nor deal directly with the holiday, but they will always seem to get you in the right frame of mind.


TMP Death Match: Freddy Krueger vs. Candyman


TMP Cinema Death Match: Freddy Frueger vs. Candyman


Lastly, Carla kicks off a new series that takes characters from different films, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and sees who would win in a no holds barred battle.  Keeping with the holiday, she decided to pit two iconic horror monsters together.