KISS Spaceman Ace Frehley Rocks Trees in Dallas, TX

That’s one of the first things Frehley loves to share with his audience. He’s been clean and sober now for eight years. He still plays hit songs like “Cold Gin” and “Snowblind,” but uses them to gently reflect on the bad choices of his youth. He pairs them with newer songs focusing on turning his life around (“Change”) and overcoming the foolish things he did in the past (“Reckless”).

The legendary guitarist didn’t let up for over an hour and a half. The only breaks he took were for a solo performance by bassist Chris Wyse and a few moments before walking back out onstage to perform two songs as an encore. The rest of the time Frehley spent singing, talking to the crowd, and blazing through lead guitar parts that literally sounded like they come from another galaxy.

Ace’s band for the “Space Invader” Tour is made up of some musical heavy hitters. Energetic Guitarist Richie Scarlet played with Frehley many years ago and shared the stage with Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach. Bassist Chris Wyse handles his instrument like a lead guitar and does a great job carrying the low end while Ace buzzes through his fiery licks. He has been seen and heard backing up Ozzy Osbourne, The Cult, Mick Jagger, and his own band Owl.

Scott Coogan handles drumming duties and sings all the KISS songs originally performed by Paul Stanley. Some might recognize him from his stint with Nikki Sixx’s Brides of Destruction. Bassist Wyse and Guitarist Scarlet sing on various songs from Ace’s extensive back catalogue as well. Ace Frehley showed he still has what it takes to keep an audience entertained. The stages might be smaller and there may not be the massive amounts of explosions, but Ace still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. He had blinking lights installed on the edges of his instrument. His guitar even smoked at one point as it appeared to be burning from inside the monitor hole. It was the perfect show from one of the greatest lead guitarists in the history of rock ‘n roll.

You can see pictures from Ace Frehley’s performance at Trees in Dallas, TX right here.  

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