Obsidian’s Co-Directors Talk on Making The Outer Worlds a Dark Comedy Shooter

In Game Informer’s exclusive coverage of The Outer Worlds, Tim Cain and Leon Boyarsky (Co-Directors of Obsidian) talk about the dark comedy undertones of the game. The game will feature funny and crazy moments, but it will also feature very serious choices the player may not like making. This is something I love about real RPG games, having the ablilty to enjoy a bit of humor, but also be giving the ablility to make a choice that could change the overall aspect of the game it something I really enjoyed in games like Mass Effect.

The video below goes more in-depth on the dark comedy subject and also gives the directors a chance to talk about things they do and dont like added in games like The Outer Worlds. We also get to see a bit more gameplay and I will say I am more excited for this game than ever before! For more news on this title, check back here at Cinelinx.com!