20 Classic SNES Games Arriving on Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Some of the greatest Super Nintendo Games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, via Nintendo Switch Online! Full details within…

Since the Nintendo Switch first debuted, one of the more frequent requests has been for Nintendo to add classic games in some form or fashion. When they unveiled the Nintendo Switch Online program, they included several well-known NES titles to go along with it.

Today, Nintendo has announced that an incredible lineup of SNES games will now join the Online Program, with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System app. Starting tomorrow, September 5, 20 classic SNES games will be free to play for all Nintendo Switch Online members. Want to know if your favorite made the list? Check out the lineup, below.

All of these Super NES games can be played with online functionality on Nintendo Switch Online, including multiplayer gameplay in select games and voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online app*. Suspend points and an easy-to-use Rewind feature that lets players replay sections of the game will also be available at launch. More Super NES games will join the collection in the future, adding to the growing library of classic games available to Nintendo Switch Online members, including more than 40 games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System. To access the games, Nintendo Switch owners must have an active membership to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

More classic SNES games will be added, at a later date. Since we’re going old-school, though, Nintendo also unveiled a classic SNES wireless controller for purchase. They didn’t indicate a release date, but that the price will be $29.99 and that you’ll be able to purchase up to 4 controllers per Nintendo Account.

SNES games will officially become part of the Nintendo Switch Online program for free, beginning tomorrow, September 5, 2019!