2B Announced for Soul Calibur VI, Will Fight for ManKind on The Stage of History

Yesterday, Bandai Nacmo and Square Enix announced that 2B from NieR: Automata’s will be entering The Stage of History in SOULCALIBUR VI! Being one that still needs to play Neir: Automata, I am still really excited to she her announced for the game. She has two weapons that are named Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty that look to be the prefect style of weapons to take on the Soul Calibur foes. 

Her fighting style looks somewhat like a mixture of Mitsurugi and Azwel, but is also very similar to what she used in the game NEIR: Automata. You will be able to play with 2B in Versus mode, Arcade mode, and Online matches, but their will be no story mode content at this time. We will also get access to a themed stage, background music, costumes, and more! The release date for 2B has not been announced yet, but we should know very soon!

This character is the first DLC character announced for Soul Calibur 6, but who do you think will be announced next? Will is be someone form the Tekken series? Maybe someone from Dark Souls? It could also be from another fan favorite series! Check back soon for more news on this and all thing gaming!

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