2K Explains Why NBA 2K18 is the Best Looking Basketball Game Ever

Unlike last year, 2K Games has some competition this year with EA releasing the rival to NBA 2K18, NBA Live 18, after a few years of hiatus.  While 2K owned the NBA gaming market the last couple of years, they aren’t resting on their laurels.  A new trailer, entitled “The Art Behind NBA 2K18“, details how 2K created the most accurate, best looking, and best playing NBA game, in their minds.

One more time for emphasis, the upgrades include:

  • Photo Techniques: The developers used new photo techniques with the ability to separate colors for more accurate player skin tones that react to light in true-to-life form.
  • Uniforms: The team visited the NBA New York offices to laser scan each and every new Nike uniform and over 200 pairs of shoes to capture each detail, down to the stitches.
  • MyPLAYER: The customization is like never before, with almost an unlimited amount of body types available and options to adjust and scale nearly every aspect of the athletes in game.

Where some developers say that they change annual sports games like NBA 2K18, 2K is showing you exactly what they’ve done and the proof is in the pudding.  The players, uniforms, everything looks pretty darn close to their real-life counterparts.  It’s a testament to 2K’s drive to be the best, and that should be recognized.  Now, the ball is in your court EA.  What sets NBA Live 18 different from 2K’s realistic model?

NBA 2K18 releases September 19, 2017 and the demo for MyCAREER releases September 8, 2017!

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