2K’s Golf Club Returns as PGA Tour 2K21

This morning, 2K Games announced they’ll be returning to the golf course later this year by revealing a quick teaser for PGA Tour 2K21!

It’s been a little while since 2K Games dipped its toe into the virtual golfing waters with 2018’s The Golf Club 2019 (confusing I know), but they’re bringing it back! While it’s coming from the same devs behind The Golf Club, they’ve rebranded to fit more in line with their other sports games, while also putting the PGA brand front and center:

It’s a quick tease, sure, but we’ll have more to talk about when they bring the full announcement to gamers next week on May 14th. There are no consoles set or release date, the 2K21 naming indicates that it’s slated to arrive this year. Hopefully we’ll have a date to mark down next week!