3 Years After it Launched, Move or Die is Finally Coming to PS4

Today, Indie dev team Those Awesome Guys and Reverb Triple XP have announced that Move or Die is finally coming to PS4 after three years of teasing fans. In this wild, wacky, and Super Smash inspired game, players are pinned against eachother in a free-for-all battle mode that cycles through different party style mini-game modes every 20-30 seconds. There is also the factor that is you dont move, your health will start to drop, until your characters explodes! This concept makes for a fun and weird game that I cant wait to play with my friends. The game has a ton of post launch content coming like skins and level pack that range from Rick and Morty, to the Famous Shovel Knights and more!  


The dev team was quoted saying “Most developer quotes would start about the long journey and how we learned a lot in the three-year process, blah, blah, blah,” spats Nicolae Berbece, founder and lead developer for Those Awesome Guys. “I just want to say this – Move or Die is finally freaking coming out on PlayStation 4 with three years of freaking content updates… so go freaking get it on March 5!”  This quote makes me respect the devs already because there not trying to BS their player base, they just say it how it is! So if you love Indie game and wanna try something new on PS4, give MOVE OR DIE a chance March 5th! Oh, did I forget to mention the game launching at only $14.99?!