Donut County Gets An Adorable Vinyl Soundtrack!

Donut County is getting a vinyl soundtrack, and it not only looks amazing, but it smells amazing too! Well, probably, because some smell like garbage… you should really keep reading if you’re at all confused or interested!

YES!! It really does smell like donuts (or garbage)!!

Today, iam8bit and Annapurna Interactive have announced that the vinyl soundtrack for the critically-acclaimed Donut County is now available on The 2xLP set features music by Daniel Koestner on pink and green colored vinyl, housed in a massive 48-inch fold-out jacket with album art by Lily Nishita.

Each vinyl set is labeled with a special scratch-and-sniff sticker. Ninety-five percent of the stickers smell like delicious donuts! However, five percent of the stickers smell like garbage when activated — a scent fit for a Trash King.

The Donut County vinyl soundtrack can be purchased on for $40.

Product Description

You haven’t heard the hole story until you take this delectable Donut County vinyl for a spin… but please DON’T eat it. The soundtrack is the very epitome of “chill,” collaging together acoustically serene strumming on all sorts of stringed instruments – not to mention an occasional funky beat or synth whomp, scientifically proven* to trigger feelings of euphoria. Composer Daniel Koestner has crafted such a cool, colorful atmosphere with these sounds that it’s already on rotation at hipster animal coffee shops everywhere. Oh, BTW – the jacket folds out to a massive 48 inches of illustrated deliciousness, which is super sweet.

* allegedly proven by raccoon “scientists”

• 2xLP Colored Vinyl
• Massive 48” fold out jacket
• Music by Daniel Koestner
• Album Art By Lily Nishita
• Includes Digital Download

The Donut County game, developed by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive, is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and the App Store for iOS and Mac. An exclusive physical version of Donut County for PlayStation 4 can also be pre-ordered at the iam8bit Store.

Have a Garbage Day!