6th Year Anniversary Event For DC Universe Online

So I recently got back in to DC Universe online. Look as a guy that enjoys comic books and online games this is a no brainer. I was a big fan of City of Heroes from start to finish so DC Universe kind of fills a void for a very unique type of fan of these games. Ultimately the game is pretty good with it being unique enough from my other MMO’s I play to keep me interested for now.  So this newest event has you heroes and villains joining together to stop the Qwardians and the Anti-Monitor. 


Now the Anti-Monitor is kind of a big deal in the DC comics world. If you’re a Marvel fan think Galactus, if you’re not a comics fan well it’s really bad thing. So with the event you’re getting the following.

New Open World Zone

Heroes and Villains travel to a possible future Metropolis where the Qwardians are in control and Earth is at the brink. Level 10 required and will have one weekly and 3 daily missions.

New Raid

Teams of 8 players will unite in the Centennial Collapse raid. An automatic Combat Rating increase to 230 will be given to players entering these new zones to give them an even playing experience with other players.

New Rewards

New Qwardian Crowns will allow player to access new gear and some that auto level to your character. Also if you want to look like the Anti-Monitor they got you hooked up for that as well.

DC Universe Online is free to play on PC, Xbox, and Playstation. You will need to shell out some money for selected content and power sets but overall is good for the hardcore and casuals out there.

-Jason The X

Did I mention the art for the game is based off one of my favorite artists Jim Lee? Dude is awesome. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX


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