A Look Back at the Journey to Reignite the Spyro Trilogy

Video games are one of the most fascinating innovations of our time.  They are portals to other worlds we can escape to, live within, and remember forever.  What makes these portals special is when you’re still able to remember your favorite moments and get those nostalgic feels 20 years later.  That’s what it’s like to be a fan of Spyro the Dragon.  There are very few games that have garnered the kind of love and enthusiasm that Spyro has.  Every gamer has a story, a memory that they associate with the iconic purple dragon.  For me, it was my first time playing Spyro the Dragon on the original Playstation in Greece.  We didn’t have many games, back then, and couldn’t even afford to own a Playstation, so my dad would take me to the local video game store, where I could rent time on their Playstation.  I remember when Spyro came out, I was enamored with the idea of playing as a dragon and ended up falling in love with the story and the experience.

For roughly 20 years, we’ve all been able to share our collective stories and admiration for Spyro and the characters in his story.  Also, during that time, several of the Spyro faithful pleaded for a new game or remaster to release, so we can experience Spyro on today’s consoles.  That feeling only intensified after Activision and Vicarious Visions successfully brought back Crash Bandicoot in his N. Sane Trilogy.  Fortunately, Activision and the ambitious team at Toys for Bob listened to these pleas and began development on, not just Spyro the Dragon, but the entire Spyro the Dragon trilogy.  It was in April of this year, that they finally made the announcement that Spyro: Reignited Trilogy was in development, with this awesome teaser, much to the delight of the gaming world.  

A few months later at E3 2018, the amazing representatives for Activision gave us the opportunity to meet the developers at Toys for Bob and experience Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, of which I was absolutely blown away by.  It was smooth, it was nostalgic, but it had enough of its own flair to separate itself from the game Insomniac Games released all those years ago.  One of those separations was the unique way they approached the dragons Spyro rescues.  During my demo meeting with Toys for Bob, we sought out several of these dragons, each one feeling more vibrant and artfully designed than the next.  You can even tell by their concept art that they put a lot of time and effort into all of these characters.

Throughout my time with the developers, at E3, and interviewing them during SDCC 2018, it was apparent that these people were fans.  Fans that not only wanted to do Spyro’s legacy justice for the older fans, but to also bring Spyro to a new generation of fans. Their journey to re-ignite the Spyro trilogy saw them bring back the iconic voice behind Spyro from Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Tom Kenny, and the genius behind the iconic original soundtrack, Stewart Copeland.  If there was anything they could do to make this most complete experience for fans old and new, they did it, even going so far as allowing fans to play with the original soundtrack, untouched by today’s revitilizing instruments.

Despite moving their release date from September to November, the fans still remained eager and excited to play Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.  It took a few months of patience, but once Activision released the launch trailer to the world, excitement from Spyro faithful hit a fever pitch.

So, now we’re here.  At the doorstep of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, on the corner of Nostalgia Ln. and Innovation Way, about to experience the three Spyro stories we grew up loving and cherishing.  There’s a happy impatience as we wait for the trilogy to finally make its way to our homes.  Unfortunately, our delivery will be a lot less anti-climactic compared to Snoop Dogg, who received his copy via a Spyro drone that traveled from New York to LA.  Oh and it actually breathes fire!

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy releases Tuesday, November 13, 2018 on Xbox One and Playstation 4 for the amazing low price of $39.99!

Stay tuned for our review of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy and look out for our livestreams, as we glide through all 3 Reignited games!