A New Battlefield is On the Way

Today, EA and DICE are cordually inviting gamers to join the DICE team for the world premiere of the next game in the Battlefield series on May 6 at 1PM PT!  

Creative Director Lars Gustavsson and Lead Producer Aleksander Grondal will join the conference to answer questions from fans about anything Battlefield related.

In order to join the conversation, they’re asking players to become “Battlefield Insiders” in an effort to gain access to sneak peeks, in-game rewards, and exclusive content to the next Battlefield.  You can enlist here.

It’s an interactive move by EA and DICE to reveal the next Battlefield, this way.  There is no doubt that Battlefield has a big fan base, so fans should appreciate the gesture.

As for what May 6th will entail, keep it here on Cinelinx.com to find out!

Will you be enlisting?