Arcade1Up Reveals Mortal Kombat, Golden Tee, and More New Cabinets for 2019

After delivering a line-up of awesome consumer-minded arcade cabinets in Fall of last year, Arcade1Up isn’t slowing down any time soon. At CES 2019, they’re showing off four new cabinets they’ll be launching this year (TWO coming as early as next month) and they include some stellar retro games. Having reviewed one of their cabinets that launched a few months ago (the Rampage one), I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for these new machines. 

The quality on these cabinets is clear and the ports on the games were impressive. As such, getting the chance to play through the original Mortal Kombat trilogy on an actual arcade in the comfort of my home is all too appealing. Plus, with Golden Tee, I can finally open up my own bar! Check out the other games that are coming:

MK Arcade

Final Fight Cabinet (Feb): Final Fight, 1944, Ghosts ‘N Goblins, Strider. 

Space Invaders Cabinet (Feb): Space Invaders Color, Space Invaders Black and White

Golden Tee Cabinet (June): GT Classic ’01, Golden Tee ‘2k, Golden Tee ’99, Golden Tee

Mortal Kombat Cabinet (Sept): Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3

Karate Champ Cabinet (Sept): Karate Champ, Bad Dudes, Burger Time, Caveman Ninja

Arcade1Up will have these out on the CES show floor this year, but promise there’s more awesomeness to come this year. Which of these cabinets are you most excited about?