Activision Announces Black Ops 4: Battle Edition, Coming Exclusively to PC

Today, Activision has announced the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Edition. This Battle Edition is exclusive to Blizzard’s and will include Call of Duty’s Black Ops 4 Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale mode “BlackOut”.

This edition of the game will be retailed at $29.99 and will not have the iconic Zombie mode in-game. This was obviously taken out of the game to drop the cost, but if you want to purchase the zombie mode at a later date you can do so. As said, the game is $29.99 now, but after January 6th it will jump to $39.99.

With that said, this means the Zombie mode will be $19.99 to add it back to the game. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind creating this version of the game. From what Activision as told gamers and press alike, the game has the same, if not higher sales then any previous Call of Duty.

The only thing I can think of is that Activision is actually trying to give gamers a cheap, holiday version of the game to compete with Fortnite and PUBG. For more news, check back here at!