Alleged Destiny 2 Concept Art Leaked

Aziz Dosmetov is an artist well-known for his work on Destiny: The Taken King.  It appears that his new work on Destiny 2 has leaked onto the internet, as these things do.  Although without confirmation from Bungie or Activision, who are pleading the 5th, we can’t know for certain this is indeed official concept art for upcoming 2017 sequel.

That being the case, the evidence of who its from and what is on the art is pretty darn convincing.  With that in mind, let’s explore these leaked images as if they were official and get excited for what could be in store for Destiny 2!

Destiny2 5.jpg-610x0

Destiny2 5F00 2.jpg 2D00 610x0Destiny2 5F00 3.jpg 2D00 610x0Destiny2 5F00 4.jpg 2D00 610x0Destiny2 5F00 6.jpg 2D00 610x0

While the images are grainy, they do show us enough to speculate a few things.  For starters, it looks as if the new subclasses are taking on a gladiator-like approach with shields, spears, and swords.  Second, we see The Traveler over a scorched last city.  This could mean that we’ll finally get more time in the city, while dealing with an even tougher enemy.  Having every still surrounded in fire further presses the idea that humanity/the galaxy is in danger. 

Lastly, it looks as if this is all from a teaser trailer to be shown at a later time.  With a release date set for 2017, this fall would be as good a time as any to finally show it off and get hype rolling for a Destiny sequel.

Until that time, fans will just have to pass the time with the next expansion, Rise of Iron, coming out September 20, 2016!

What do you think about these images?