Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets First Gameplay Trailer

With the gameplay we can see all kinds of awesome new gameplay mechanics. The most notable seems to be the new way we will be web-slinging across the beautiful city. Each side of the controller controls the two seperate arms. Pressing the right button will shoot web from that arm, and so forth. The system utilizes actual in game buildings to latch on to instead of using random points in the air. This means you actually have to pay attention to what you are shooting at, or you will fall.

The trailer also showcases some of the hero vs villain meter gameplay. You have tons of missions to partake in, and deciding to help or not will change the meter, which will overall affect how the game is played. The game also utilizes an open world perk on missions, allowing you to complete them in creative ways.

What I found interesting is that they added in Peter Parker. Yeah he was always under the mask, but now you can play as him without the mask. You can visit Aunt May and take care of personal duties, or change costumes. Paying attention to that, I noticed one of the costumes they scrolled through was Kaines Scarlet Spider! I wonder if that is signaling anything at us?!