Amazon Sold Out Of PS4 and Xbox One

The past week or two alone we have heard several retailers selling out of consoles. Bestbuy recently reported that they have sold out of Xbox One pre-orders. The allotted amount wasn’t noted, but the chain seems to be somewhat happy with it.

Along with that, the “unlimited” supply of Sony’s PS4 seems to be running dry as well. GameStop recently stopped taking pre-orders for the PS4, and now Amazon has stopped taking pre-orders for both consoles as well.

Amazon and GameStop had several bundles with the PS4, and according to Amazons website they are sold out of everything. The only thing left is the “standard edition” which is basically a waiting list for whenever they get more units. This could be on launch day, it could be a week after, it could be a month. Normally with a new generation of consoles, its rather fast. Meanwhile Xbox One also has sold out, but it currently only has one option with the console only.

You can buy the standard edition of both consoles on Amazon.

Overall this is rather exciting news, especially in the wake of “console gaming is dying” articles that people keep posting. I’m more interested to hear how many units a store gets per console though. There have been reports of an abundance of PS4 units per store, while Xbox One seems to be a bit more limited. It will be fun to see how this plays out come launch day(s).