An Interview with CWL Dallas MVP Team Kaliber’s Accuracy

One of the surprises of the Call of Duty World League was the sudden arrival of Team Kaliber.  The team had never won a championship title and had spent the last 3 years grinding just to get back to a championship opportunity.  What made this championship turnaround possible was the incredible cohesiveness between their stars, Chino,  Theory, 18 year old sensation Kenny, and the eventual MVP of CWL Dallas, Accuracy.

Right after they took down reigning champs and CWL darlings, Optic Gaming, Accuracy took a moment to talk to us about the experience so far.

Accuracy and the rest of TK would move on the Grand Finals where they’d play in a competitive game against the European greats, Splyce.  On their way to their first major championship win, Accuracy would give us the most incredible moment CWL history in Round 2.  In S&D, with all of his teammates dead, Accuracy took on the entire Splyce team in a 1v4 and ended up eliminating all of the serpents to give his team a hefty lead.

Team Kaliber will look to expand on the win in Dallas in a few weeks when CWL goes to New Orleans!