Anaheim Ducks Goalie Gets New Game Inspired Mask

Anaheims goalie John Gibson has already revealed his newly designed mask and it is rather awesome for gamers. The design seen above is all inspired by none other than Pac-Man! Yes the actual game and not the boxer! 

The mask features pixel styled art and faint holographic Duck logo’s all throughout at it. Yep if you look at it at different angles you will see new images. Rather neat huh? 

The artist behind the mask is Dave Gunnarsson and he noted the only thing not painted in pixel style is the actual Duck logo’s that pop out. 

If you don’t find that cool, then maybe you will find his teammates design a bit fun. Anderson is currently getting a Lego design with a full lego character in Duck uniform painted on his helmet. It’s rather awesome to be seeing designs like this throughout the league. 

We of course have seen more than these in past years including an Angry Birds inspired mask, Assassins Creed, and even Grand Theft Auto at one point. One I found neat was a Street Fighter inspired mask.