Android 21 Attacks in the Story Trailer for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

When Dragon Ball Fighter Z was first shown at the Xbox E3 2017 Presentation, conventional wisdom suggested that this would be another run-of-the-mill fighting game, just with incredible Anime graphics.  Bandai Namco has shown that it is so much more than that by informing us that there would be a story mode, involving zombie-like clones.  Today’s trailer expands on that and shows us who the true enemy is, Android 21.

It’s an inspired idea to make our lead character, Goku, struggle through a short-term case of amnesia.  That way the gamer controlling him will learn about what’s going on with Goku and slowly gain access to his tremendous power.  I’d be interested to see what Android 21’s power is, though.  It seems as if she’s got a hearty appetite and plans on making meals out of Goku and his comrades.  They said it in the trailer, “A Dragon Ball World That No One Has Seen Before” and it definitely looks like that’ll hold true.  Especially when you consider that the story will be uncovered through 3 story arcs!  

We’re definitely in for a wild ride when Dragon Ball Fighter Z releases on January 26, 2018!