Apex Legends Reveals New Event Next Week; Switch/Steam Port & Cross-play This Fall

Next week, a brand new event is coming to Season 5 of Apex Legends. The event is called Lost Treasures Collection and it will feature the fan-favorite Armed and Dangerous Limited Time mode. In it, shotguns and snipers reign supreme, but the difference this time around is all respawn points are gone. Instead, you’ll have a mobile respawn point, which should make things a bit more interested. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to unlock up to 24 event-exclusive items and discover more lore behind everyone’s favorite hacker, Crypto.

The Lost Treasures Collection event premieres June 23, 2020.

During EA Play 2020, Respawn also announced that Apex Legends will finally be accessible on every system. They revealed that Apex Legends will be arriving on Steam and Nintendo Switch this Fall. Joining the two new ports this fall, the EA studio also revealed that cross-play will be available for all systems.

Apex Legends Season 5 is underway right now.