Arcade1Up opens pre-orders for Golden Tee 3D cabinet

Image courtesy of Arcade1Up

Arcade1Up opened up pre-orders for a cabinet that includes 8 games.

The Golden Tee 3D cabinet will include other titles like World Class Bowling and Shuffle Shot and includes access to an online leaderboard. Golden Tee 3D (’95), ’97, ’98, ’99, 2K and Classic are installed.

Golden Tee is the epitome of arcade nostalgia and takes you back in time playing the game with friends at a bar,” said Arcade1Up CEO Scott Bachrach. “We wanted to give fans the new Golden Tee with a modernized design and oversized cabinet for the ultimate at-home arcade experience.”

The cabinet is 66-inches tall with a 19-inch screen, e-inch trackball and streamlined design side panels.

Preorders opened on the Arcade1Up website. The cabinet retails for $699.99 and is estimated to ship later this month.

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