ASTRO Gaming Launches New Custom Headset Collection

Players are able to customize their gaming headsets to their hearts content, while ensuring the best audio possible, thanks to ASTRO Gaming!

One of the best gaming tech/accessory companies around is now offering people the chance to customize their own pair of gaming headphones. Combining ASTRO’s signature quality with an insane amount of options (up to 500,000 combos), you’ll be able to craft the headset of your dreams.

ASTRO Gaming, a leader in premium video gaming equipment, today announced the launch of ASTRO.ID Collection 2, allowing gamers to create personalized headsets, expressing their unique style with bold color combinations.

Starting October 5, gamers can choose from the eight new colors of the “Super Fresh” palette, featuring pastel shades never available before on an A40 headset. The headset frame and five additional accessories each have eight unique color options that can be customized into more than 500,000 combinations. Powering the experience is ASTRO’s award-winning online Headset Customizer which makes it easy to create, preview, and share designs.

“Custom gaming gear is one of many ways gamers and content creators express themselves on stream, on stage or with their friends,” said Aron Drayer, vice president of marketing, ASTRO Gaming. “The very positive feedback from the community around ASTRO.ID Collection 1 led us to offer more colors and options with this second wave, as well as offer it to customers in Europe for the first time. We can’t wait to see the creative combinations gamers come up with.”

The ASTRO A40 TR has been a tournament and content creation staple for more than a decade, known for its audiophile-grade soundstage, exceptional comfort, high durability and flexible modularity.

The ASTRO.ID A40 TR gaming headset customization options include: Headset Frame, Ear Cushions, Headband, Inline Mute Cable, Microphone and Speaker Tags. These components come in the following eight different colors, including: White, Moon Grey, Mint, Coral, Baby Yellow, Heart Pink, Sky Blue and Sweet Purple.

The ASTRO.ID Collection 2 is available now, and you can head to their online Customizer to craft/preview your designs and get it ordered.

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