AtGames Adds Over 40 TAITO Games to the Legends Arcade Line

Gamers who currently own any of the Legends Arcade line of products now have even MORE retro titles to play through with a free update.

If you have the Legends Arcade cabinet, or any of the recent Legends Arcade plug-in products, you’ve got a whole bunch of new games to play. On top of all the other games built into the system, a new (and free) firmware update is now available that brings 47 classic titles from TAITO:

Thanks to the flexibility of the Legends Arcade Family products, each of the 47 games, which appear bundled together for the very first time, can be played with authentic arcade controls and in their original aspect ratios. For even more authenticity with classic light gun games like Operation Wolf and Operation Thunderbolt, players can not only use an arcade-quality trackball, but also compatible light guns like the AimTrak or AtGames BitBlaster™.

These TAITO arcade games are also being integrated into the exclusive AtGames Leagues Leaderboards (ALL) feature, which lets players on the Legends Arcade Platform compete on universal global leaderboards. Some of the great TAITO arcade games already leaderboard-enabled are Alpine Ski, Chack ‘n Pop, Colony 7, Kiki KaiKai, Liquid Kids, and Lunar Rescue.

The 47 TAITO arcade games are:

Alpine Ski

Battle Shark

Ben Bero Beh

Bonze Adventure

Bubble Bobble



Chack ‘n Pop

Colony 7

Crazy Balloon

Don Doko Don

Elevator Action

Elevator Action Returns

Football Champ

Front Line


Gun & Frontier

Halley’s Comet

KiKi KaiKai


Kuri Kinton

Liquid Kids

Lunar Rescue

Metal Black

Nastar Warrior

Operation Thunderbolt

Operation Wolf

Pirate Pete


Plump Pop




Space Gun

Space Invaders

Space Invaders DX


The Electric Yo-Yo

The Fairyland Story

The Legend of Kage

The New Zealand Story

The Ninja Kids

Thunder Fox

Violence Fight


Wild Western

Zoo Keeper

Which of these will you be playing first?

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