Avenge Cayde-6 in the Launch Trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken

A few years ago, Bungie dared to change the gaming world, by creating a prolonged shooter, the likes of which we had never seen before.  That game was Destiny, and while it wow’d with its unique gameplay style and mechanics, it underwhelmed in terms of story.  Bungie has worked really hard to rectify that error, and have since created interesting, albeit short, storylines for Guardians to enjoy.  Next week, though, they’re poised to launch their greatest story yet, with Destiny 2: Forsaken.  Cayde-6 is dead, the Prison of Elders is unleashed, and it’s by the hands of man we met on The Reef in Destiny 1, Uldren Sov.  

Oh boy, I haven’t seen a story come full circle like that in a long time.  Even Destiny haters have to appreciate what Bungie/Activision has done with this story.  If you’re unfamiliar with or don’t remember Uldren Sov, he is the brother and confidant of the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov.  When you went to Mara in Destiny 1, it was for her help to get to the Black Garden.  She obliged, but Uldren protested.  Obviously he was ignored and our Guardians got the help they needed to enter the Black Garden.  Afterward, the last time we saw Uldren was during the Taken War in The Taken King DLC.  After we see Mara’s ship get obliterated (though many believe she’s still alive), Uldren is beside himself, but we don’t see him again, cinematically.

Now, it all comes full circle, as Uldren Sov is now the target in the Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC.  The DLC unleashes Tuesday September 4, 2018!