Avenge Your Father in the ‘Shenmue III’ Launch Trailer

The long-awaited release of Shenmue III is rapidly approaching! Be prepared for all the unique people you’ll meet and fight on the journey for vengeance by checking out the brand new launch trailer!

It has taken 18 years to experience the next chapter of Ryo Hazuki’s quest to avenge his late father. On November 19, 2019, that wait will finally come to an end when Shenmue III finally releases on PlayStation 4 and PC. From the looks of the launch trailer, it appears we’ll finally see Hazuki attain the vengeance he’s long searched for.

While the first two Shenmue games were products of SEGA, Shenmue III has been more of a collaborative project. Back in 2015, original Shenmue director Yu Suzuki started up a Kickstarter campaign to fund Shenmue III, after SEGA licensed it to his company Ys Net. After raising over $6 million, Ys Net partnered up with Neilo to develop the product, with Deep Silver publishing.

Thanks to those efforts, Shenmue III will release on PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19, 2019.