Batman: Arkham Origins Collectors Pack Revealed

We’ve all been seeing the teasers and footage for Batman: Arkham Origins, and now we’re only a couple months away from the game’s release.  Seeing as how the previous two games in the franchise came with a nifty Collector’s Edition, was there any doubt Origins would as well?

arkham origins collectors edition2-625

Xbox and PS3 will have both of these available and the swag is pretty plentiful. We got a look at the U.K. version but this is the one we’ll be getting stateside. Collectible out of game include a 9 inch  Joker statue, a wanted poster of Batman, 80 page hardcover art book, a map of Gotham that glows in the dark, family photo of the Waynes, a prototype schematic of the Batwing, files on 8 of the assassins in the game, and the contract on The Batman.


Hold on guys because not only that, in game you’ll get a first appearance Batman skin from Detective Comics # 27, and challenge maps for the playable character Deathstroke and two more skins for him. U.S. buyers will also get the Warner Bros. documentary giving insight into Batman’s rogues gallery narrated by Christopher Lee exclusively for Xbox, while PS 3 will get an exclusive Knightfall pack. Batman: Arkham Origins releases October 25, 2013.

Who’s going to be picking this version of the game up?