Batman’s Dead in the Reveal Trailer for Gotham Knights

As promised, DC FanDome has delievered our first look, and details, on WB Montreal’s new Bat-family game, Gotham Knights!

WB Montreal has been teasing their latest Batman-themed game for a WHILE. Long before this past week’s series of clues/teasers (via the website they’ve spent the past couple years dropping hints off and on. Hell, back in January of this year, cryptic logo images started popping up on Twitter, talking about “Capture the Knight.”

Finally, after all that teasing, DC FanDome’s panel has fully revealed Gotham Knights:

I really wasn’t expecting this trailer to kick off with such a gut punch as Batman/Bruce Wayne being dead. As rumored, and long teased, the game will put some of the focus on the Court of Owls storyline, which was originally introduced during the New 52 DC Comics reboot.

This looks like it will follow on from the previous Batman games fans love, while still trying some new things and offering more for players to enjoy. Even though we don’t have a release date, the game is set to drop sometime in 2021.

There’s still a lot more DC FanDome left, including another game reveal from Rocksteady. Be sure to keep it here on Cinelinx for all the latest news from the event!

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