Battleborn Might Become “Free To Play” Soon

According to Kotaku, the game might go free to play thanks to underperofming in the market. A source close to the developer mentioned that the model will be implemented sometime later this year, though the developers are not confirming it yet.

The game released earlier this year, but had rather low sales numbers in a season full of AAA games. Doom and Overwatch both released close to Battleborn‘s date. That being said the game could transition to “free-to-play” as early as November according to the source.

The source also mentions that the game was originally planned to be free-to-play, but late decisions forced the game out of it. Battleborn has already seen multiple sales lowering the price point, including going on sale the same week Overwatch released in order to try and win over fans. Nothing seems to be working as sales haven’t climbed at all.

This wouldn’t be the first transition publisher 2K has made to free-to-play. Their title Evolve had the same fate as well.

Personally this isn’t too surprising considering the game was clearly primed for free-to-play. Even as a paid player it felt like you were hitting paywalls trying to slowly level up each individual character. It will be interesting to see what the paid players will get in return though.