Battlefield: Hardline Beta Begins February 3rd

There were early leaks and rumors that noted the beta will be coming February 3rd, but we wanted to wait for official confirmation. Today we got it! EA has announced the beta will start on February 3rd and last until the 8th, so a whole week of testing.

The beta is open to absolutely everyone on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. There is no pre-order hoop to jump through or codes to wait for, it will be there for everyone! The beta will offer 3 game modes, heist, conquest, and Hotwire which revolves around car chases. On last generation consoles conquest will only offer 24 player battles, while PC and new generation consoles will see 64 player mayhem.

Downtown, Dust Bowl, and Bank Job will the names of the maps we get to play. Try not to have a dirty mind. Joking aside, the beta will also feature the new perk of hacking where one player on each team can hack into systems to spot enemies through cameras or helping their team to victory.

Battlefield Hardline releases in March.