Battlefield : Hardline Beta Coming Soon, Real Soon

Thaddeus Sasser of Visceral Games / DICE have stated on Twitter “Let’s talk about the Beta date. We don’t want to announce the date until we’ve passed cert so that we’re ABSOLUTELY sure everything is good.”

When asked multiple times to simply spill the beans, the official Battlefield Twitter followed up with “It’s coming sooner than you think.” That could mean that the beta is in testing now and could be released as soon as this month! Or it could hit a snag and be pushed right up until just before launch.

We did get some information from DICE on what the beta will include though. The beta is open to everybody on every platform. Last gen, current gen, and even PC. Everybody gets to have fun, and DICE stated they did this because they want you to “play the beta to death” because they need you to. A new game mode called “Hotwire” will be included alongside Conquest. Lastly, there is no cap on how far you can level up!

i’m impressed with the turn around on the beta style. This is sounding like it will be a real beta, to you know TEST the game before launch, instead of acting like a demo. This will hopefully mean the game will not follow the Battlefield trend of being broken for months after release.

The game was originally going to release last October but was delayed until March 17th of this year.