Battlefield V Goes Greek With Mercury Map Release

Tomorrow, the gorgeous shores of Greece are set to become the next battleground with Battlefield V‘s latest map, Mercury.  Find out more in the new trailer…

Eλα στους φίλους μου! (Come on my friends) We’re headed for the crystal clear, blue waters of Crete, Greece.  Unfortunately, it’s not to vacation.  Instead, it’s for all out war, with the latest Battlefield V map, Mercury.

Tomorrow, May 30, Mercury launches on EA & DICE‘s Battlefield V, as part of Tides of War.  The map is based on 1941’s Operation Mercury, where British soldiers attempted to fend off German forces, with the gorgeous Greek landscape serving as a backdrop.

In Mercury, it’s a lot of the same, as you’ll fight British and German forces (depending on your alignment) on land and air.  British forces will employ tanks, while the Germans take to the skies.  It’ll definitely be a beautiful, fun experience.

To learn more about the new Mercury map, check out the Battlefield V blog and get ready for tomorrow when the Mercury map lands on Battlefield V on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.  Origin Access Premier members can try it first 10 hours earlier.