Become John Wick in the New Strategy Game John Wick Hex

The 3rd chapter of the epic John Wick series is almost here, and excitement is at an all-time high.  Not just for the film, though, but because there is a new game that will put you in the dangerous assassin’s shoes.  More within…

5 years ago, we learned his name and, with it, we began to understand why John Wick is the most dangerous person on the planet.  Now, thanks to Lionsgate, Good Shepherd Entertainment, and Game Director Mike Bithell (Volume, Subsurface Circular, Thomas Was Alone) we can see what it’s like to be Mr. Wick in the new game John Wick Hex.

Movies into Video Games don’t work, until they do.  John Wick Hex seems to be a fascinating exception to the horrible track record that movies to video games have.  It’s visually unique and features a gameplay style unlike what we’ve seen with most high-profile games.

In John Wick Hex you play in a fight-choreographed game of chess, with every move having a cost and consequence.  Plus, reality is a key factor in Hex, as Bithell & co. made it a point to consult with actual John Wick stunt and creative teams.  Thus, resources are limited, weapons aren’t quickly reloaded, and every encounter feels like the gun fu style you know and love.

What’s also exciting about John Wick Hex is that it’ll feature an original story.  The more you progress, the more access you’ll have to better weapons, suit options, and locations.  You’ll also hear the familiar voices of Ian McShane and Lance Reddick, throughout the game.  There are more voices to be announced later, so fingers crossed we’ll hear the man himself, Keanu Reeves.

No date has been announced for John Wick Hex, but it’ll be available on PC & Mac exclusively on the Epic Games Store.  It’s also in development for console.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum releases May 17, 2019.