Bethesda Adds $100 Annual Premium Memberships to ‘Fallout 76’

A new membership program has been uploaded onto Fallout 76 servers. It’s called Fallout 1st and they’re charging a hefty price for private worlds and exclusive Fallout 76 items. More within…

It’s no secret that Fallout 76 has been mired with issues since it released late last year. However since E3 2019, when Bethesda used their platform to unload a boatload of new content, Fallout 76 has improved. With new quests, NPCs, and several themed-events, Bethesda has indeed put most of the initial qualms to rest, aside from a few lingering gameplay frustrations.

Today, though, Bethesda made a head-scratching move that has consequently sent the gaming community into a fervor. As laid out in their Fallout 76 blog, Bethesda unveiled a new Premium Membership program for Fallout 76, called Fallout 1st. For the price of either $13.99 a month or $100 a year, Fallout 76 players can join Fallout 1st and gain access to the following Membership Benefits:

The primary benefit of this program is the availability of Private Worlds for you and 7 other friends, as is evident by Bethesda‘s blog which highlights Fallout 1st as, “a premium membership that offers something players have been asking for since before launch: private worlds for you and select friends.”

However, Fallout 1st also includes a litany of other benefits like the unlimited storage capacity of the Scrapbox, the mobile fast travel/save point/R&R HQ Survival Tent, a Ranger Outfit, and exclusive icons and emotes. Also included is 1,650 Atoms a month. If you’re unfamiliar with Atoms, they are the currency used in Fallout 76 for microtransactions. As of now, players can buy 1,100 Atoms for $10.

What’s drawing the ire of many in the gaming community are a few things. For starters, Fallout 76 is not a Free-to-Play game like some MMOs. It’s current actual retail price is $40. So, asking gamers to spend more money never goes well. Even odder is the decision to even go down the more traditional subscription rabbit hole, as more and more games are relying on a Battle Pass/Season Pass leveling system that Fortnite employs and, more recently, Destiny 2 adopted. You add that to the fact that there are many gamers that don’t believe it’s worth an annual, much less a monthly, subscription and it’s just a very odd move for Bethesda.

Nevertheless, Fallout 1st is available today for Fallout 76 for $13 per month or $100 annually.