Bethesda Announces QUAKECON 2019 will be the Year of DOOM!

Announced today, Quakecon 2019 will celebrate as always with the largest BYOC in North America, all things Bethesda, and more. This year will be a bit different though because it event will mainly focus on 25 Years of the Demon Slaying goodness that is DOOM.

The events registration will open on April 11th at 10 est (did not specify if it was am or pm), so make sure to plan ahead if you want some of the BYOC UAC VIP Badges, QdQ Badges, and more! We are so excited for this year’s event and can’t wait to see all our friends, great gameplay, new crazy PC’s, and more! For more info on the event, check back at!



QuakeCon: Year of DOOM will still bring diehard fans the QuakeCon experience they’ve come to love, with the massive BYOC, exclusive panels, and hands-on with games from Bethesda and more. Of course, fans can also look forward to fun things to do with friends, from parties to esports tournaments to Master Pancake Theater.

Registration Opens April 11

We’re pleased to announce that registration for QuakeCon: Year of DOOM opens at Thursday, April 11 at 10 ET. Check out the newly revamped website at and get ready to be one of the lucky people to experience this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. This year, the registration process will be slightly different from years past – BYOC players will not choose a seat when they register. Seat selection will take place at a later date which will be announced soon.