Bethesda Game Studios Announces Press Conference at E3 2015

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the premiere convention for every gaming company in the industry.  You could say it’s like their Super Bowl.  Annually, gaming companies, big and small, come together to release news, trailers, and demos in order to generate buzz for the coming year. 

The big name companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo usually have grand press conferences in order to show us what big game or products they plan to release next.  Sometimes even the studios themselves will have their own press conference to show all the games they’re working on.  Last year, Ubisoft was arguably the biggest studio to do this.  Now in 2015, it will be Bethesda.

However, now the question remains, what could Bethesda be revealing at their first ever E3 platform?  To merit a press conference on the biggest stage in gaming, it would have to be big.  Right now, the consensus around the Cinelinx office is that Bethesda will be revealing Fallout 4.  This would be huge as Bethesda hasn’t released a Fallout game since New Vegas and that was 5 years ago in 2010.  Plus, taking into consideration that Fallout 3 was released back in 2008, I’d say it’s about time we get another sequel to this epic franchise.

What else, though?  While Fallout would blow the roof off the place, you have to give the public more to pine over the next year.  Even Ubisoft had lots of other games they revealed after Assassin’s Creed Unity.  One of the running theories is that it would be another Elder Scrolls game.  It wasn’t too long ago that Skyrim and even Elder Scrolls Online came out so most believe it would be too early to release another game.  While I agree, I’m also thinking they might pull what Nintendo did with their new, still unknown release date, Legend of Zelda game.  Show us what they’ve been working on and make everyone go nuts over it.

Unfortunately, all of this is just speculation but that’s half the fun!  While we’re waiting for June 14th, you can comment below about what Bethesda could be bringing to E3!  You can rest assured, though, that any news will be here on Cinelinx, as we get it.

Let the debate begin!  What do you think Bethesda is releasing?!  Comment below!

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