Bethesda Officially Announces RAGE 2 With A Killer Trailer

Today’s announcement of a RAGE sequel, should come as a surprise to few, as the initial announcement for this game, and many other unconfirmed games, was leaked by Walmart, just last week.  While the rest of the gaming world decided to “Plead the 5th” and wait for their platform, at E3 2018, to make an announcement, everyone’s favorite rebellious gaming studio, Bethesda, decided to embrace the free publicity and begin their announcement campaign, seemingly a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.  They started by tweeting various pictures that seemed innoculous, at first, but held a secret many didn’t notice at first.  For instance, one of them predicted the date of today’s reveal, which means that many will be circling back to decode the rest.  Before you do that, though, check out the announcement trailer for RAGE 2!

So far the reception this Mad Max-like sequel has been mixed.  Most of the Bethesda faithful are excited for another run through this post-apocalyptic, while others are confused as to why this sequel is even happening.  Then again, these are the same people (including myself) who are hoping a praying for an Elder Scrolls VI.  Nevertheless, after 8 years since the release of the first RAGE, this is what id Software will show off during and in the days leading up to their E3 2018 Showcase.   It’s likely that RAGE 2 will even be playable on the floor of E3 2018, as Bethesda plans to unveil the gameplay trailer for RAGE 2 tomorrow morning at 10am ET.  Meaning, a workable demo can’t be too far behind.  It’ll be interesting to see if id Software takes a page from their recent success of DOOM and uses that as inspiration for RAGE 2.  A darker, grittier, more advanced RAGE game could help build the excitement to a higher level than it currently is.

While the announcement of RAGE 2 is exciting, what’s even more exciting is that by Bethesda embracing the Walmart leak, it all but confirms most of the games to be true.  The game most should be excited for would be Splinter Cell, if this is indeed any indication of truth.  That’s a game most have been yearning for, for years.  As for the others, a new Assassin’s Creed seems too early and against Ubi‘s new creedo to release AC titles bi-annually.  Same goes for Gears of War 5, but with Microsoft‘s lack of exclusives, they may have been motivated to develop it.  We’ll have to wait and see which ones prove to be real and which prove to be fake, but for now RAGE fans can get excited that their’s was true, after all.

Stay tuned to Cinelinx for tomorrow’s coverage of the RAGE 2 gameplay trailer!