Bethesda Teases Fans with Short Pre-E3 DOOM Eternal Trailer

With only a few days till E3 2019, we have seen hype trailers, rumors, and more to get us ready for this year’s Electronic Expo. We are very ready for the event and cannot wait to see what Bethesda has in store for fans, but it seems the DOOM Team can’t wait either. Bethesda‘s #BE3 Press Conference is this Sunday and to get fans excited for things to come, the DOOM twitter page has shared a 16-second teaser trailer for DOOM Eternal.

As you can see, DOOM Eternal is looking to take everything great about its 2016 predecessor and add even more madness, blood, demons, and more! We also see a bit of what I think will be the “heaven” of the DOOM Universe and what looks to be a former Slayer attacking the current Doom Slayer. We can’t wait to see what Bethesda, iD Software, and many other developers have in store for us at E3 2019! Check back here for all the latest E3 news!