Bethesda Unveils The Next Fallout Game; Fallout 76

Well, we were wondering what Bethesda had up their sleeves for E3 2018, and now we know.  In addition to RAGE 2, Bethesda has essentially announced that the main event of their showcase will revolve around their flagship series, Fallout.  More specifically, their new game that revolves around the mysterious Vault 76!  This is Fallout 76!

Die-hard fans of the Fallout series will tell you that Bethesda‘s announcement of Fallout 76 is a longtime coming, and they’re not wrong.  Throughout several Fallout games, documents and rumors have run rampant about the fabled Vault 76, with one thing consistent among the rumors, something terrible happened there.  From alien abductions to human testing, Bethesda plans to set the story straight with this new game.

Unfortunately, Bethesda is being mum on the subject, instead waiting to show us more during their E3 2018 Showcase on June 10 at 6:30pm PT.  

Many have said to me that they had wished that this game would’ve been announced at E3 2018, to shock and awe within the press conference, but what many forget is that this is what Bethesda does.  Since 2015, they’ve owned the spotlight with masterful marketing strategies by teasing well-known titles before the conference and then generating more buzz and headlines at their showcase by delivering a year-of release date, something the competition just doesn’t do. 

Speaking of, don’t be too surprised if they announce that Fallout 76 releases this year.  It’s kind of their M/O and Bethesda Game Studios has had a ton of time to work undercover on this since Fallout 4 released.

As more information regarding Fallout 76, Bethesda, and anything else for E3 2018 drops, we’ll have it here on Cinelinx!