Big Buck Hunter Pro and Ms Pac-Man Among Newly Announced Arcade1Up Cabinets

Arcade1Up is back at it again with even more replica cabinets to bring into your home. Get your first look at Buck Hunter Pro, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and more!

As part of IGN’s Summer of Games event (one of the many that have cropped up in the wake of E3’s cancellation), Arcade1UP has revealed four brand new arcade cabinets for gamers to add to their home collection. Combined with their impressive reveals from last year and the start of 2020 (seems so long ago now), there really is something here for gamers of all kinds to take advantage of. Now, let’s take a gander at what they’re showing off today:

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Arcade1Up announces its partnership with Play Mechanix, Inc., creators of the iconic Big Buck Hunter series. This is a momentous occasion for Arcade1Up as this signifies the first-ever cabinet to be released with the use of light gun accessories, a landmark feature of the Big Buck Hunter franchise. 

Arcade1Up is proving once again to both their community and retro arcade enthusiasts, that they have what it takes to not only replicate the Big Buck Hunter arcade machine in a mid-sized scale but do so at a high-caliber level. The Arcade1Up cabinet will be modeled after the classic Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade cabinet and will feature game content from four different Big Buck Hunter titles – Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Safari Outback.

Ms. Pac-Man

Arcade1Up has officially partnered with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment on what is to be one of the most sought after titles in Arcade1Up history. The iconic and long-awaited Ms.PAC-MAN Machine will be rolling out later this year in other home arcade form factors, which will also be announced closer to the date of pre-sales.

The wait is finally over, after 39 years of PAC-DOT eating fun, fans of the original and elusive Ms.PAC-MAN arcade cabinet, now have the opportunity to own a piece of arcade history with one of Arcade1Up’s mid-sized Ms.PAC-MAN™ at-home arcades.

The Ms.PAC-MAN cabinet was designed to provide users an unmatched experience, from the moment they lay their eyes upon the spectacle that is the licensor approved side art, to the nostalgic sounds and experience of the real-feel controls and dual speakers. This iconic Cabinet will be available for pre-order later this year arriving before the holiday of 2020.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Arcade1Up has brought together two of the most iconic arcade licenses and combined them through one crossover cabinet. This cabinet will feature both crossover titles Marvel vs. Capcom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

Having partnered with two iconic powerhouses in the world of arcade gaming, Arcade1Up has brought these two arcade licenses together into one mid-sized format, which will easily fit into anyone’s home and lifestyle.

Marvel Digital Pinball

Working alongside the teams at Zen Studios and Marvel, Arcade1Up is working to create an immersive digital pinball experience that allows players to enjoy the games as they were meant to be played on a mid-sized digital pinball table. Working with the industry leader in the digital pinball space, Arcade1Up is confident that the final produced product, will provide fans an all-around great play experience as well as a digital pinball table that looks and feels like the Marvel brand.

This will also be one of the first digital pinball tables in this category to feature Built-in solenoid’s for haptic feedback and built-in accelerometer for real nudge & tilt feature.

As a big fan of pinball (and Zen Studios’ awesome virtual tables), I’m excited about the Marvel Pinball cabinet. Having the haptic feedback built in will really help bring that experience home and should make for some fun times. And Big Buck Hunter Pro! Hell yes.

I’m mostly excited about the potential now that they’re able to do some light-gun style cabinets. Would love the chance to possibly bring the House of the Dead or even Terminator light-gun arcades into my house. All in all, this looks to be another solid offering of cabinets coming later this year.

Which of these are you looking forward to most? Be sure to keep it tuned to Cinelinx for all the gaming news coming out over the next couple weeks!