Big Hero 6 Shown in New Kingdom Hearts III TGS Trailer

Monsters Inc.  Toy Story.  Tangled.  Hercules.  Wreck-It Ralph.  Big Hero 6.  Finally.

Since the time Square Enix and Disney announced that Kingdom Hearts III was in development, in what feels like a lifetime ago, one of the earliest pieces of news was that Square Enix would include the popular world of Big Hero 6 .  Over the last couple of years, every Kingdom Hearts III trailer has neglected to show anything relating to our favorite San Fransokyo team.  That is, until the Tokyo Game Show.  Relish in the new Kingdom Hearts III – Big Hero 6 trailer!

With all of the worlds and characters included, Kingdom Hearts III promises to be the biggest game of the series, much to the delight of the KH/Disney fanbase.  There are a ton of new worlds, sprinkled alongside a few of the old.  Plus, there are new moves, powers, lore, and monumental bosses.  Yeah…this is is definitely going to be the biggest KH game and appears to be well-worth the wait.

Kingdom Hearts III releases January 29, 2019 on Xbox One and Playstation 4!